Do you find chocolate divine? Well you’re not the only one. Between 250 and 900AD cocoa was a major part of the Mayan culture and religion. And because of this mythical background, it was later named “food of the gods”.

Today, your chocolate bar is made using the same glorious beans with all natural core ingredients: cocoa, sugar and wholesome milk for milk-chocolate lovers.

It’s this dedication to clean, natural, wholesome processes and ingredients that makes our chocolate so unique. Some might even call it heavenly.

  • First consumed for medicinal purposes more than 4,000 years ago in Honduras as a chocolate drink Xocoatl.
  • Cocoa and chocolate introduced to Western Europe in the 1500s becoming a popular food due to its rich taste. 
  • Between 250 and 900 AD, cocoa became a major part of the Mayan culture and religion. It also played an essential role as currency.
  • In 1737, the cocoa tree was given its official Latin botanical name from Linnaeus: Theobroma Cacao, literally meaning “cocoa, food of the gods.”
  • The core ingredients of chocolate are all natural: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and milk.
  • Establishing on the ground relationships and training farmer trainers to carry out farmer field schools. Farmer trainers set an example and demonstrate new techniques to increase farm yield.

Story In Action


An example Instagram post for a social media campaign - Symbols of Chocolate. Chocolate has been a symbol of many different thing throughout history, in many different cultures; from the food of the gods, to a symbol of luxury, to a symbol of love. This playful infographic series would promote this cross-cultural message.

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Customers of Barry Callebaut's sustainable HORIZONS cocoa and chocolate products receive full access to the Cocoa Chronicles, enabling them to commercialize their contribution to sustainable cocoa and build the strength of their brand. To learn more about HORIZONS products, please contact your regional Barry Callebaut sales representative.
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