Like a lot of things in life we find the simplest solutions are often the best, particularly when it comes to cocoa farming.

We equip our farmers with the skills and techniques they need to make the most of their farms in a simple, sustainable way. We believe pruning, for example, is one of the most effective ways to increase crop yield because it lets in light, which encourages growth and provides natural pest control.

Solutions like these mean future generations of farmers can continue growing quality, natural beans. And we can continue making quality, natural chocolate. Simple, when you think about it.

  • Skilled pruning is an effective way to increase crop yield and prevent pests and diseases, reducing the need for chemicals.
  • Pruning reduces workload by condensing the productive area of the cocoa tree.
  • Weeding reduces competition for nutrients, moisture and root space and potential breeding sites for cocoa pests like insects and rodents.
  • Cocoa biomass, such as pruned leaves and branches should be left on the ground to minimize leaching and soil erosion.
  • Training youth within the community to use special pruning tools and techniques giving them a valuable commercial skill.
  • Training farmers on proper technique and timing for replanting cocoa trees - to maximize productivity of the farm. 
  • Supporting farmers with access to inputs, such as seedlings, by building and maintaining nurseries. 
  • Once upon a time there was a farmer who was skeptical of pruning – he didn’t want to cut the branches that still produced pods, and chased away the pruner half way through the job. Months later, when his pruned trees were giving more fruit, he pleaded the pruner to return! (As told by one of our Ivorian farmers.)

Story In Action


This provocative campaign would involve a brand challenging other brands to list their ingredients in a single tweet; to highlight the delightful simplicity of chocolate. Of course this sort of campaign would be suited to a playful brand, such as Ben and Jerry’s or Tony’s Chocoloney.


A simple photo-led campaign that would involve a brand neatly organising the simple raw ingredients of their chocolate and taking a photo. The photos would then be shared across the brand’s social media channels to generate interest and build a sense of quality and trust. It would also be a subtle way of challenging other brands to do the same.

How can I get involved?

Customers of Barry Callebaut's sustainable HORIZONS cocoa and chocolate products receive full access to the Cocoa Chronicles, enabling them to commercialize their contribution to sustainable cocoa and build the strength of their brand. To learn more about HORIZONS products, please contact your regional Barry Callebaut sales representative.
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